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Pen and glasses sitting on a Quitclaim Deed

Various companies have software programs that search county records to see when properties are transferred from Sellers to Buyers.  When they have identified a purchaser, they will send solicitations to the home address, requesting the Buyer(s) to order a certified copy of their deed through their company.  These solicitation letters may look official or as though they come from a governmental agency, but in fact, they are from Private Companies that stand to earn a significant profit (sometimes as much as $70 per copy) from you electing to purchase a certified copy of your deed.  The reality is that you never need a certified copy of the deed to your property.  Once the original deed is recorded by our closer, it will be in the public records of the County in which the property is located forever.  Additionally, you will receive the original deed in the mail from us, within a month of your closing date.  If you ever want to view or print out a copy of your deed, you can locate the official records site of your County through the useful links page at  Simply enter your name into the search engine and the image of your deed, as recorded in the Public Records will appear.  If you need a corrective deed to fix any errors or a Quit Claim Deed to change the person(s) in title to your property, we suggest you contact a Florida licensed attorney as there are very specific Rules and Regulations that must be followed or else you may have an ineffective deed recorded.  Usually, Anthony J. Messina, Esq. can help with these, just call 727-605-3671.