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The Short Sale Solution

“Short Sales” most often occur when the seller can no longer keep his or her mortgage payments current and is looking for an alternative to foreclosure or bankruptcy. The lender, recognizing it is in their financial best interest, agrees to accept less than the total amount due on the mortgage. While all real estate title services have a degree of complexity, “Short Sale” transactions pose their own unique challenges for all involved. The paperwork required can be both costly and confusing for buyers and time-consuming for sellers.

At Keystone Title we have the solution. Our staff includes dedicated, knowledgeable professionals who exclusively handle short sales all day long, allowing us to perform the work required promptly.  We also have an Attorney on retainer who reviews all of our paperwork processing to ensure all legalities are met and handle any negotiations that might be deemed necessary. Keep in mind that, while most attorneys charge for their services, at Keystone Title there is no charge to the buyer, seller or Realtor.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain detailed advice and further explanation.