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At a real estate closing, Keystone Title Agency acts as a transaction agent for both the buyer and seller. The title agent is a neutral party through which the transaction can be completed without bias on either side. The title company will collect the purchase money from the buyer and the closing costs from both the buyer and the seller. Keystone Title Agency will also record the legal documents pertaining to the real estate purchase with the county courthouse: the deed, mortgage documents, etc.

What Do I Need to Bring to Closing?

You will need to bring copies of a valid ID (driver’s license, state ID, U.S. passport, etc) for each person who will be signing documents.  Some lenders require 2 forms of ID, so bring a second form, just in case. This second ID could be a work ID, school ID, or a social security card.

The buyer will also need to bring their Homeowners’ Insurance declaration page and proof of wire transfer. For your protection, we only accept monies in the form of a wire transfer. You will need to initiate the wire at least one day prior to closing appointment to ensure the smoothest closing.

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What Does the Title Agency Do at The Closing?

The closing will consist of the funds from all parties to be disbursed in accordance with the HUD -1 Settlement statement.  KeyStone Title Agency is a neutral third party that will handle these transactions and file the necessary paperwork: deed, mortgage documents, etc. with the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

What Happens After Signing the Documents at Closing?

After your lender approves the signed documentation, KeyStone Title Agency will record the deed and any mortgages at the county recorders’ office where the property is located. Keystone Title Agency will then pay all recorded unpaid bills associated with the transaction with the allocated funds.   Now, the new home is officially transferred to you, the new owner!